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At TemigoJara, we are more about servicing our customrs’ needs. As an indigenous company, we provide quick delivery and customer support services that is comparable to the international market standards. Over the years, we have increased our products listings, and service-based offers and much more. TemigoJara has made a priceless contribution in offering affordable personal computers (PCs) today in Nigeria. With the ability of our dynamic leadership in the retail sector, we have continuously provided excellent customer experience. So, for us its not just about sales of consumer electronics. Here, we sell endless lifestyle to shape and make your 21st century living better in this golden age. TemigoJara was established to cater for Africans across Nigerian cities and beyond, in 2019. Since then, we have evolved and grown thanks to you, our dearest Customers, Independent Business Owner and Partners,

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of Nigeria's $7.2b e-Commerce Market
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Leading the Next Era of Commerce

We're on a deliberate path to build the bank for the future and increase value for our shareholders. In all my years at Citi, we’ve never been clearer about the bank we want to be. It’s full steam ahead.

Our Vision

To become a global leader in e-commerce, and with a customer-centric approach offering better online shopping experiences.

Our Mission

To enrich lives through the power of technology, not limited by the power of market forces, but powered by the collective intelligence of many experiences that are data-driven and connected.

Core Values

At TemigoJara, these are the set of beliefs that drive every decision we make.

Our Strategy

We have undertaken a massive effort to make sure we can manage the speeds and volumes of the digital age while helping our customers address the challenges of an ever-evolving world of e-commerce.


For us, we believe that The Future is Wide Open, and we also believe that great people, as well as great products, make that possible. And, that's where you come in. At all times, we care about the person on the receiving end of the experience because if its not relevant, exciting or interesting, then no one wins. So, we imagined another way, a better way. Where we help bring customers richer experiences that they control. Experiences that are data-driven and connected. TemigoJara culture is shaped by all of us Its a shared promise, we all make real everyday, not just on good days because who we are drives everything we do. Three key values shape: who we are, how we act and what we do. We believe open minds are great minds. Here, we promote diversity in our thinking and in our culture. Together, we build, accomplish and celebrate. We care for each other. We do the right thing to create sustainable impact. For our shareholders, investors, our market and the customers we serve. We love working with others who feel the same. We also live these values through our commitments to do more because actions speak louder than words. Its how together we should the world TemigoJara cares. We know creating an inclusive culture means taking meaningful action to drive real change. This is why we commit to diversity by by increasing our effort to attract, recruit, develop and retain from diverse talent. Equity by ensuring equittable opportunities for learning, career and compensation for all. Strengthen our culture of belonging for all TemigoJara people. partners and customers we serve because the future is only wide open when it favors everyone. So what defines the TemigoJara experience? we're all thebest bits of a global tech company with a culture that we think is second to none. We make real connections, One of the first thing, you'll notice about TemigoJara is how open and authentic everyone is. We say, ""do you and enjoy what yo do". We take our work seriously but have fun while we do it. We wouldn't be TemigoJara otherwise. We are challenged to grow and everyday we shape greater opportunities. At TemigoJara, the future is wide open, so is yours.

Our Wey

TemigoJara in numbers with key statistics that matter to help you understand our mutually-shared agenda for prosperous future.



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Our Leadership

Leadership at TemigoJara isn't just about position but it is about inspiring others to achieve collective goals through vision, guidance, and empowering team members, fostering a sense of trust and collaboration while embracing diversity of thought for innovation.



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